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Metal Craft and Ductwork

In the blazing heat of Chicago summers or in the freezing cold of a Chicago winter, having the best temperature control over your home is especially important. Part of equipping yourself with the best home HVAC system is having the right metal craft and ductwork outfitted in your home. 


Industrial HVAC companies and residential companies alike understand the importance of a proper duct system in your home. This is how your air and heat get distributed through the different rooms in your house. Good ductwork is always properly insulated and keeps your air from changing temperatures as it travels through your home. 


At Northwind, we specialize in Chicagoland HVAC services, from thermostats to installing ductwork. Here are a few more specified services that we offer in the metal crafting and duct sphere:


New Construction

If you are looking to install a new HVAC system, but your home is not equipped with the right ductwork to support your heat pump, do not worry! We offer new construction services to help outfit your home with the perfect ductwork system. 

With a brand new HVAC system, you can experience full control over the heating and cooling in your home, among other excellent benefits. Northwind offers additional services like helping you install smart thermostats and other temperature-control tools that can help you perfect your home heating and cooling.


Ductwork standard

Northwind adheres to the metal craft and ductwork standard that is used not only by industrial HVAC companies but also for homes and residential buildings. The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) has a comprehensive list of ductwork standards put in place for residential and commercial buildings.

Typically, Class Two ducts are used when associated with HVAC systems. These ducts are insulated and do not leak, which helps make them energy and air-efficient. By adhering to duct system standards, our team is able to ensure that you are comfortable in your home, and not losing air or energy from a lack of insulation or an unforeseen leakage.

Oval pipe (low profile.JPEG

Ductwork Oval

At Northwind, we also have specialized services for working on oval ductwork systems. Oval duct systems are extremely beneficial for several reasons. Especially in a city like Chicago, where the weather is always changing, having a strong duct system for your HVAC is essential. 

With an oval duct system, you will experience the benefits of incredibly clean ducts. Oval ducts are less likely to leak and are always watertight, which means that there will be less damage and dirt that can get into your ducts. This not only makes the need for vent and air duct cleaning less frequent but also keeps your air quality high and your HVAC system at its most effective. 


Oval ducts are also significantly quieter than typical ductwork, which can help create a more peaceful atmosphere in your home at any hour. Additionally, the oval duct provides a great amount of insulation, which helps keep your home at the perfect temperature.



When it comes to installing ducts into your home, metal craft and ductwork do not necessarily have to look any specific way. Every home is different, and so ductwork should reflect your home’s needs. The same is true of industrial HVAC companies when they work with ductwork. 

At Northwind, we are always excited to work on larger-scale projects like custom ductwork. We are passionate about creating a comfortable and healthy home for your entire family, and creating custom ductwork for your home is one of the best ways we can do just that. We offer free consultations and are happy to talk to you about what type of system will work best for you, as well as any HVAC or heat pump needs you may have.


Architectural and chimneys

Working with the broader architecture of your home, especially if you have a chimney, can also be a part of ductwork and metal craft. In fact, your chimney operates as an air duct already and has been a staple of heating and air circulation in homes for many years. While a chimney may have originally been built to release smoke from your fireplace, now they are often used as ductwork for HVAC systems. Chimney liners, which protect brick from moisture that comes from flue gasses are important for any chimney project. We recommend that any chimney that has a furnace or water heater venting into it use a chimney liner.


Taking care of these large air ducts is important to ensuring that your entire ductwork system works efficiently. Luckily, we know how to help!



When it comes to ductwork, zoning does not only have to be done for industrial HVAC companies. Instead, at Northwind Chicago, we offer zoning services on residential buildings, too. For example, heat is known to rise. In a multi-level apartment building, apartments on the upper levels will retain a lot more heat than the lower ones, and lower apartments will maintain more cool air than the higher floors. 


With proper metal craft and ductwork zoning, you can have control of the heating and cooling system for every section or level of your building. This way, it becomes a lot easier to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone, no matter where they might be in the building.


What Northwind Can Do

At first glance, metal craft and ductwork may not seem like the most important thing to worry about when you are working with a new HVAC Systems.. However, ductwork is actually an essential element of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. With the right system, whether it be oval, custom, or if you just need reparations on your current ductwork, you can make your home perfectly equipped for any weather.

We are experts in the Metal Craft and ductwork industries. Reach out today for an expert opinion. No matter what your air duct needs, our team is here to help! With years of experience and expertise in the HVAC field, Northwind is committed to taking care of you and your home.

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