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Air Conditioning

It can be easy to forget about air conditioning in the warmest Chicago weather. Instead, it just becomes natural to expect to be cool and refreshed from the hot air. However, if your AC unit needs maintenance, repair, or even replacement, then it does become an important issue to solve. Luckily, at Northwind, we are committed to providing the highest quality ductwork, heat pump, and central air service throughout Chicago. With years of experience and expertise with plenty of brands and models, our team can help you keep your home cool and comfortable all year round. When you are searching for “AC quotes near me”, first stop and talk to us at Northwind!

We are a small business in the Chicagoland area. We can engineer a job creatively and perfectly to get systems to work without problems. We are experts in the AC field and deliver premium products and services to our clients.

Products We Use

American Standard

With AC mechanical service being one of Northwind’s primary services, our team has extensive experience with plenty of different air conditioning models. One brand that we frequently service and install is American Standard. American Standard is a great brand for AC because they offer so many different options that can not only save you money and energy but also perfectly fit your home in other ways. American Standard takes special note of which models are especially quiet, to keep comfort a priority in your home.

American Standard offers AC systems in a few different styles. The first is Variable Speed systems. These systems, as the name suggests, offer different speed systems in order to give you better control over your home’s temperature and energy savings. There are also single and two-stage systems that you can choose from. Two-stage systems only have two different settings for your AC. Single-stage systems do not allow you to adjust the speed of the air but offer the best value for what is still a high-quality AC unit. When it comes to central air service, Northwind has experience with all of these American Standard models. American Standard is built for people in every price range who need a quality AC system in Chicago’s warmest season.

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At Northwind, we have extensive training working with Bosch heat pumps and other heating and air conditioning systems. Bosch products are incredibly efficient, provide both heating and cooling through one system, and come in a variety of different models, all of which can offer you excellent benefits for your home. Especially in a historically rich city like Chicago, where there are a lot of brand-new homes and very old ones, every residential building needs a different heating and cooling solution. Bosch has a diversity of products that can take care of any need. 


Bosch’s products can either be water-to-water, water-to-air, or air-to-air. These different systems all function to transfer heat from one place to another. Additionally, Bosch products work off of electricity, which is both better for the environment and more cost and energy-efficient for homeowners. If you do not have any air ducts in your home but are still looking to find a good heating and cooling system, consider a Bosch Mini-split, which doesn’t require a ductwork system. If you already have a gas furnace and do not want to completely remove it from your home, Bosch also offers a variety of hybrid AC models that run on electricity, but are still able to use your gas heating system if the power goes out during the winter, for example. 


When you are searching for “AC quotes near me”, talk to Northwind about installing a Bosch heating and cooling system.


Rheem air conditioning units fall into a somewhat similar category to those from American Standard, in that they are solely AC units without heat pumps attached, like Bosch’s. Rheem centers itself around high-quality products that are energy efficient and good for the environment, which pairs well with Northwind’s own mission to do work with environmental protection in mind. One way that Rheem is able to accomplish this is through its EcoNet system, which is a smart-home system that connects to your AC unit. This system is built to help your central air service stay as energy-efficient as possible. 


Like American Standard, Rheem’s AC units have two-stage and single-stage models that offer you either one or two speeds to help control the air. Both of these models are more energy-efficient than other options, but of course, the one-stage AC units are going to be the most cost and energy-efficient of their offerings. The other offering that Rheem has, though, involves its scroll compressor feature. The scroll compressor can offer you even more control over your home’s temperature and capacity. It even helps with humidity. Units with the scroll compressor feature give you more power over your energy efficiency. 


Additionally, when you are searching through Rheem’s air conditioner models, you will notice that they clearly display each product’s cooling efficiency. This makes it easier for you and your installation company to pinpoint the exact model that will be best for your home. 


Northwind has plenty of experience doing AC mechanical service on Rheem’s units in addition to American Standard and Bosch.


What Northwind Can Do

In addition to working with Bosch, American Standard, and Rheem, Northwind has expertise in other air conditioning manufacturers as well. This includes brands like Frigidaire, LG, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, and more. Living in a city like Chicago, it is essential to find the perfect air conditioning unit for your home. At Northwind, we don’t want to limit you to a small number of options.

At Northwind, we specialize in AC mechanical services such as installation, maintenance, and repair. We also frequently service HVAC systems and heat pumps. Whether you are looking for a full heating and cooling system like one from Bosch, or are trying to find the right smaller-scale AC unit for your home like an American Standard or Rheem model, we are here to help. With an energy assessment and a few conversations, our experts can help you find the perfect air conditioner to make your home comfortable in the warmest weather.

Get a free consultation from us and start your journey to cool, quality air.

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