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Wicker Park, Chicago

Who We Are

We are a local & professionally trained HVAC small business, specializing in fair priced repairs & high efficiency installs. Explore our heat pump installations, old-school metalcraft, furnaces, AC's, and our involvement in the community. Our other passion is teaching homeowners about the safe disposal of greenhouse gases (like refrigerants).

New Heat Pump, Full System with Ductwork

Replaced 2 natural gas boilers. Logan Square Neighborhood, Chicago 2023.

Service and Installation

Our phones are on 24/7 - Call us about any HVAC concern. We are happy to schedule an in-person consultation at your home to discuss:

Energy Assessment
Load calculation, energy assessment
Bosch, Mitsubishi, Napoleon
Mini splits
Gas to electric conversions
Hybrid systems
Water Source Heat Pumps

Please ask about our referral list for other construction related projects


Heat Pumps and Mini Splits 2024

$4200.00 in Rebates for Residential Installs
& Heat Pump Systems!

The Bosch 20 SEER Heat Pump

Join the eco-conscious movement and experience the ultimate blend of sustainability and superior comfort with Bosch high-efficiency heat pumps. Our heat pump replaces your conventional air conditioner, provides cooling in the summer & heat in the winter. For any residential application, our cutting-edge Bosch cold-climate heat pumps are designed to meet your modern heating and cooling needs, ensuring a cozy home during winter and refreshing coolness in summer. With advanced technology like variable-speed compressors and smart controls, these systems adapt effortlessly to changing weather conditions, maximizing energy savings without compromising on comfort

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  • The $950-1400 Com Ed rebate is provided immediately at point of sale (also qualifies for $2000.00 in IRA Federal Rebates)

  • Includes Ecobee Smart Thermostat, great for all-electric conversion.

  • Pairs well with Solar- watch video at bottom of our Community Page

  • Your Bosch heat pump will cool in the summer and heat down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. (Your gas or electric furnace takes care of the rest)

  • Replaces any conventional outdoor air-conditioning system

  • Our system uses a quiet, "variable speed" compressor, which ramps up slowly at start-up & uses lower voltages than a standard AC.

  • With the rebate applied, Your new 20 SEER heat pump will cost the same as a standard AC!

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Get Involved

Northwind Heating and Air Conditioning LLC is dedicated to keeping our planet safe and secure. As part of our mission, we believe it is important to educate the next generation about the safe disposal of AC refrigerants. By getting involved, you too can make a difference in your community and help to keep the planet healthy for future generations.

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Our phones are on 24/7 - Call us about any HVAC concern.

1346 N Greenview #3R      Chicago, IL 60642 

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