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Please learn how air conditioning impacts our planet & how you can help. Our mission is to train the next generation about the safe disposal of AC refrigerants (freon and 410A) using Tradewater's cylinder exchange program. Tradewater serves our community by collecting and properly destroying dangerous greenhouse gases (like refrigerants).

HVAC Techs are venting these dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere everyday, especially during an AC installation. Refrigerants are thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide and are predicted to be responsible for up to 25% of unwanted greenhouse gases by 2050. We want them gone! (but not in the atmosphere). By law, It is an HVAC worker's responsibility to safely capture refrigerant from the old Air Conditioner before the installation process. We want to teach homeowners what to look for when a technician is present.


In the visual above, we are training at one of Rebuilding Exchanges deconstruction sites. Rebuilding Exchange is an amazing eco-friendly non-profit serving the Chicagoland area in a multitude of ways. Explore their website at

For More information on how HVAC is impacting the planet, simply call Rory.

You can also learn more during our workshop. (Sign up Bottom of Page)



Ecologically Safe HVAC Contractor Check List:


1.) EPA Certification: Does each individual on your team have an EPA 608 certification? 


2.) Will you bring refrigerant recovery equipment (observed) with regulated tanks?


3.) Who buys back your refrigerant?


4.) Is your company a trained heat pump contractor?


5.) Can I see the load calculation for my home?

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