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Heat Pumps & Electrification

Explore a variety of innovative heating solutions with Bosch, where cutting-edge technology meets efficiency. Our range includes hybrid models, full electric furnaces, gas to electric conversions, and minisplits, providing sustainable and energy-efficient options for every environment. Bosch leads the way in revolutionizing heating technology to meet diverse needs.

Types of Heat Pump Applications


A Heat Pump replaces any conventional Air Conditioner. A Hybrid HVAC system combines the energy-efficient features of a heat pump with the high-performance capabilities of a furnace. Your heat pump becomes the primary source of heat and your furnace becomes "auxiliary" or back-up heat.

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Hybrid, Logan Square Neighborhood


All Electric

(Gas to Electric Conversions)
This HVAC system has undergone a seamless transition from a gas furnace to an electric furnace integrated with a heat pump, embracing an eco-friendly and energy-efficient approach to heating and cooling.


Electric Conversion, Avondale Neighborhood


Mini Splits

Mini splits offer notable benefits, including the advantage of operating at lower voltages compared to traditional air conditioners, ensuring energy efficiency. Additionally, they serve as an ideal solution for effectively conditioning rooms that tend to overheat during the summer, providing targeted and efficient cooling where it's needed most.

Mini Split, Lakeview Neighborhood

Learn About Heat Pumps

Learn About Electrification & Heat Pumps at our Workshop (Earth Day Weekend 2024) @ Rebuilding Exchange Chicago

We provide informational workshop to learn about cold climate heat pumps!

In the US, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) accounted for 46% of energy consumed by residential and commercial buildings in 2021. New laws and technologies have been designed to bring that number down. Come learn how these changes will impact your home and what you can do to lower your energy usage. We’ll cover:

  • The impact of new laws on requirements for home HVAC systems

  • Timeline for retrofitting your home

  • Overview of new technologies/products to consider

  • Key environmental considerations when replacing your HVAC, e.g., refrigerant

  • What questions to ask when looking for a contractor

Our presenter is Rory Toelle (Northwind Heating and Air Conditioning). Rory is a union trained residential HVAC worker who has been in the industry since 2007. In addition to his industry work, Rory is an instructor in Rebuilding Exchange’s Workforce training program. Rory’s work is environmentally focused with a strong emphasis on the safe disposal of refrigerants.

Sign up not yet available, but stay tuned for updates!

Workshop PDF Download:

Video: Gas to Electric Conversion Using Solar
Electric Conversion

Electric Conversion

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