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One of the most important pieces of a comfortable home, especially in a city like Chicago, is having a functional and effective furnace. Furnaces can come in a variety of models and styles, ranging from gas to electric to packaged rooftop systems. No matter which system you have, you have likely searched for “furnace maintenance near me” at one point or another. Having proper care and maintenance done on your furnace is the key to a warm and comfortable winter.

At Northwind, not only do we provide maintenance services to your furnace, but we also offer inspection, conversion, and even replacement services. Our team is fully equipped to help you heat your home, no matter your furnace model.

Types of Furnace Applications

Gas Furnaces

If you have a gas furnace and are looking for furnace technicians to either repair or maintain your system, look no further than Northwind. We specialize in working with all different types of furnace and HVAC systems, whether they be electric, gas, or hybrid. Some furnace repair companies prefer one type of maintenance.

A gas furnace can be very beneficial, especially in the coldest days of a Chicago winter. If you have a gas furnace system, your home will heat up very quickly and will stay warm consistently. When it comes to fuel costs, they can also be fairly inexpensive, which can definitely help with the utility bill.

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Full Electric

It is important to remember, though, that not all furnaces have to use gas. There are plenty of excellent electric furnace options that you can install in your home, too. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to using an electric furnace that might even encourage you to switch from a gas furnace to an electric one.

To begin, an electric furnace does not require the same amount of maintenance that a gas one does. It still needs upkeep, of course, but no more yearly inspections! Additionally, an electric furnace is energy-efficient, in that all of their energy is converted into heat. It pairs well with solar to offset the el;ectricty cost. A gas furnace, on the other hand, only converts a percentage of its fuel into heat. This means that with an electric furnace, there is less fuel waste. It can also be paired with a heat pump to improve efficiency.

When you are searching for “furnace maintenance near me”, remember that one of Northwind’s specialties is doing full gas-to-electric conversions. If you need to fix up your current electric furnace or you are looking to replace your current gas one, Northwind knows how to help. Embrace an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient furnace option.

High Efficiency Conversions

Perhaps you are already happy with the type of furnace that you have, whether it be electric, gas, or hybrid. If you are still looking for something new for your home, consider a high-efficiency conversion. Talented furnace technicians like those at Northwind are able to fully convert furnaces into more energy-efficient and productive versions of themselves.

High efficiency refers to how much fuel your furnace can convert into heat for your home. Considering the fact that heating can be very expensive, it is important to be able to get as much value out of your dollar as possible. This is where high-efficiency furnace systems thrive. As an added bonus, they are also more environmentally-friendly, because you are not burning excess fuel.

Gas furnaces and electric furnaces alike can be upgraded to be more energy-efficient. If you are looking for a new cost-saving option, talk to our team at Northwind today.


Roof Top or Packaged Units

Some businesses, residential buildings, and even single-family homes, have rooftop furnaces. This kind of furnace is just as efficient as any other type of furnace you may encounter. It just means that furnace repair companies have to be especially good at their job and follow the right safety procedures. Luckily, at Northwind, this is always the case! Our services are not limited to furnace systems that are on the ground.

In fact, there are plenty of benefits to rooftop furnace units. Typically, they are packaged units, which means that they offer both furnace and air conditioning power from the same place. You don’t have to worry about one system inside your house and the other outside. With a rooftop unit, everything is in one place. They are also a lot safer and less prone to damage when they are out of reach. These can also run on either gas or electricity, so talk to your maintenance team today and choose what is best for you.


If you are looking for “furnace maintenance near me” for your Unico system, or if you are simply curious about what a Unico system might offer you, talk to our team at Northwind. Unico furnace systems offer an extensive range of ways to heat your home, no matter what tools you might have at your disposal. 


Unico systems need to be maintained by proper furnace technicians due to their variety of heat coils. These heat coils are how Unico separates their models from each other. They offer a hot water coil, which when paired with a boiler, can provide excellent energy-efficient heat to your home. There is also the option for a refrigerant coil, which can provide both heating and cooling to your home when it is paired with the right heat pump.

Unico furnace systems are complex, but incredibly effective. Talk to a Northwind team member today to outfit your home with the best model for you.

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What Northwind Can Do

If you are looking for quality furnace repair companies in the Chicago area to take care of your furnace, look no further than Northwind. Our services and specialties cover a wide range of furnaces, and our team has years of expertise to offer you the best service possible. In the freezing air of a Chicago winter, it is essential to make sure that your furnace system is not only heating your home but also offering you the most energy and cost-efficient heat possible.

Talk to our team at Northwind and get a free consultation today. Whether you are looking for maintenance, conversion, or a whole new furnace, our team is here to help.

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